Welcome to our home on the web

This site is mostly a placeholder, but if you’ve gotten this far you may be interested in a little history.

A few hundred years ago, some of our ancestors lived in a beautiful area of western New Jersey with rolling hills, babbling brooks and endless fields of farmland. From here we moved on, met and fell in love with people from places like New York and Pennsylvania, and those people became our ancestors too.

It took us a while, but our branch of the family tree returned to Hunterdon County. It’s changed a lot in the past couple of centuries, but it still has those rolling hills and brooks and farmland that makes it easy to see why people started calling it “God’s Country.” But now it also has hot air balloons that drift lazily by in the late afternoon, and the crack of baseball bats on weekday nights in the summer, and FroYo on Main Street in Clinton (unless we go to Rita’s instead.)

And—now it has us.